What is the student council?

According to its own understanding ((According to the state university law, the student council is the committee of the student members of a faculty council. However, since the faculties usually offer several completely different subjects, this definition is unrealistic and rather irrelevant in practice)) actually consists of all students of Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Media Informatics, Medical Informatics and Machine Learning.
Cognitive Science now has its own student council, with which we work very closely.
As not all students are interested in student council work, the number of student council members is automatically limited to those who are interested in participating.

There are currently around 20 people actively involved and a few passively involved. You shouldn't forget that we also only do this alongside our studies. 😉

What does the Computer Science Student Council do?

On the one side the student council tries to represent the interests of the students towards the faculty and the university, on the other side it tries to extend the (service) offer of the faculty. By this we mean, among other things:

  • First semester-support
  • Contact point for study-related matters
  • Student representation in committees (Faculty Council, Study Commission, AStA, Senate, Examination Board)
  • Bundled / intensive contact with the professors
  • Organization of clubhouse party ('Clubhausfest') and summer party ('Sommerfest')
  • Improvement of leisure activities on the Sand
  • Provision of helpful tools

Support for beginners is very important, as comparatively few things happen here on the part of the faculty (except for the student advisors). In the first few weeks, we try to teach students as much as possible about student self-administration (which takes up a large part of their studies).

We manage things like exam protocols and Mailing lists for our students.

Students come to us when they have problems with professors but don't have the confidence to speak to them in person.

We answer questions from beginners and students on many different topics and can draw on the sometimes years of experience of our members.

We provide important insider tips and distribute information.

How can I get involved?

Become a student representative!

Do you want to get involved for your fellow students?
Do you enjoy organizing events?
Do you have cool ideas on how to improve study organization and events?

Then come along to one of our meetings! You can see the next date in the sidebar or in the calendar,

Just join in!

No time to get involved regularly?
But you like what we do and want to help?

That's great! We always need helpers at our events! Just get in touch with us!

When does the student council meet?

We meet once a week during the semester for our student council meeting. During the semester break, we meet irregularly and only when necessary.

The meeting dates are maintained in our calendar, like all our other events.

The student council room

Everyone is welcome in our student council room, and it is always open to all students.

The student council room on the sand is located in building no. 14, which is the building you approach when you enter the campus through the main gate. Enter the entrance there and then take the corridor to the right. Our room is at the end of the corridor on the left-hand side.