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For 1st and 2nd semesters

For first semester students, we have a general first semester FAQ and the page for first-year students, which should be of interest.

What is the student council?

A: In a nutshell: We are your voluntary student representatives; we sit on committees; we organize parties and whatever else comes up. You can also have a look at our introductory presentation.

You can find the long version on the About Us page or as a presentation (long version) here.

Which lectures do I have to attend?

A: That depends on your degree's program. It is best to look at the sample study plan in your module handbook (PO 2021). First-year students can also look in their first semester letter first semester letter. If you started in the summer semester, you have to jump to semester 2, then to 1. Then 3, 4

In general, however, nobody is forcing you to follow the sample study plan exactly! It is only important that you attend all mandatory courses and fill your required electives with suitable modules (PO 2021).

How do I register for an event?

A: Not at all. Or not really. With us, you don't (usually) register for a course on Alma. Alma is only relevant for the exam at the end of the semester.

Otherwise, it's your job to find an Ilias/Moodle course and register for it.
For more, see the question of What is lecture XY? Where can I get information?' below.

How do I register for exams?

A: See Exams.

What are the exam regulations / orientation assessment ('Orientierungsprüfung')?

A: More about this: Exam regulations

How do I get in touch with other students?

A: A good place to start is to attend our first semester events and register on the student Discord-Server :)

It's best to select your degree program and semester in the #rollenzuweisung channel.

Or you can go to the lecture hall and chat with other people during the lecture... i.e. the break in the lecture ;). You can form exercise groups and go out into town together in the evening. Clubhouse parties are also recommended.

Are there any sources of information about being a student in Tübingen?

A: We have a first semester letterthat is sent to every first semester student to help you through the first week. We also have a first semester bookletthat lists the most important things for life as a student in Tübingen. It also contains the pub and culture interface (Kneipen- und Kulturinterface (KKI)), in which we try to catalog all the pubs and bars.
Nightlife is a structurally important part of student life in Tübingen, so please help us to keep the KKI up to date!

And now please read the next (and very important) section.

General Information

How do I get important information about my studies?

A: Thank you for asking. ;) We have a few Mailing lists as the official, least annoying form of communication.
One of them is the info-studiummailing list.

Sign up for it!! his is the only way that the chair of the examination board, for example, can send you information! If you don't register here, you will miss out on information that will have a massive impact on your studies!

Q: What are Alma, Moodle, Ilias, Infomark & the forum?


  • Alma is the student administration platform.There you will find your enrollment certificates, the course catalog, the registration for exams and your transcript of records.
  • Moodle and Ilias are course platforms.They contain materials for the respective course during the semester. From lecture slides to exercise sheets and forums for exchange, you will find everything the respective professor wants to put there.
    • Registering on a course platform and registering for the exam via Alma are two different things! As a rule, you have to register on the course platform at the beginning of the respective course. You only register for the exam when you are sure that you want to take it.
  • The last two platforms are only relevant for first and second semester students.
    • The forum is a message board of the chair conducting the course to exchange information about the lecture of Computer Science 1.

What is lecture XY? Where can I get information?'

A: There are three stages of obtaining information:

  1. Look in the sample study plan (PO 2021) or the first semester bookletto see which course you can take in your current semester.
  2. Find the course on Alma under "My studies" -> "Planner of Studies with Module Plan" and go to its page.
  3. a) EITHER you will find everything in the info box on this page OR (more likely) a link to a Moodle/Ilias course or the course page.

    b) IF NOT , the responsible professor can be found there. THEN find the Teaching tab on the chair's page and search for Lehre/Teaching there OR search directly using the title on Moodle/Ilias.

    c) If you find no or conflicting information there you can write a mail to the people responsible.

Are there events of the student council this term?

A: Yes! We meet every thursday at 6:30 pm in Room C125, Sand 14. Please be sure to check our public calendar (found on almost every page on this website) beforehand just in case. Afterwards we sometimes hang out in C125 or go into town together.

Additionally there are first semester events, workshops, a summer and a christmas party and a Clubhausfest every term.

For students in higher terms

I want to write my bachelor or master thesis. How do I do it?

A: The department management has a recurring event dedicated to informing about this. You can find the previously used slides on the Page of the department management under Informationen zu Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten: Folien von der Informationsveranstaltung .
There is no complete list of all currently avaliabe openings but some departments have their own pages dedicated to this. For this it is helpful to know at which department you want to work on your thesis.

I have a problem with the programme. Who can help me?

A: Student counseling, programme director or the student council.